Praise for WRAP Cymru

7 July 17 feature the positive impact that WRAP Cymru has had on the increase of recycling rates in Wales.

As part of WRAP's recently published annual report, making Wales the “3rd best recycling nation in the world” was stated as the charity’s number one impact achieved, under the resource management category.

WRAP's cheif executive, Marcuc Gover stated:

“Since we were set up in 2000, WRAP has helped the UK to make a step change in recycling, especially in Wales.”

The annual report highlights the work of the Collaborative Change team of its Welsh branch, Wales Cymru, which “worked with 17 of 22 Welsh councils over the course of the year to improve their recycling services and meet Wales’s statutory recycling target of 70% by 2025.”

The annual reports “Looking ahead” section again points first to Wales saying that in the coming years, “we will continue to work with Welsh Government and local authorities to drive the recycling rate even higher, delivering ambitious statutory targets.”

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