Brexit: Preparing for Change

Friday, 18th of January 2019

Welsh Government Letter to Business: "We Need to Get Ready"


By Ben Maizey


With just over 2 months until the anticipated UK withdrawal from the EU, comments on the outcomes of Brexit from politicians, businesses and individuals are as wide and diverse in opinion today as they were before the referendum was held.  This has left many in our industry wondering what are the best steps to take in such uncertain and unprecedented times?


Things were not made any clearer following the vote against the government’s Brexit deal in Parliament on 15th January. In reaction to the vote, highlighted the potential impact on our industry of having 'no deal'. (See Article: Waste sector seeks clarity following Brexit deal vote). Pat Jennings, head of policy and communications at CIWM warns  “In the longer term, a ‘no deal’ is likely to have a range of economic and operational impacts, with increased volatility in foreign exchange and secondary materials markets, and potential labour and skills shortages likely to be areas of particular concern".


Throughout the last decade waste and recycling firms have repeatedly worked in uncertain conditions due to the dictates of worldwide demand for materials. Having already continued to prosper as businesses even when surrounded with such risks means the recycling industry is perhaps better prepared than other industries to meet the challenges posed by Brexit.


Current experiences amongst many Welsh recycling businesses show that there continues to be long term business deals being negotiated and developed today nationally and internationally.This gives some confidence that even in uncertain times firms are taking opportunities that exist now and are planning to build for the long term future.


However, whatever Brexit brings everybody will have to be prepared for change.


The need to be prepared was clear from the Welsh Assembly Minister for Economy and Transport, Ken Skates AM, this week who stated that, “There is a very real and urgent need for all businesses in Wales to prepare for Brexit including the now increased possibility of a no deal outcome”. (Read letter "Brexit: We need to Get Ready" here)

To help businesses prepare for the impact of Brexit the Welsh Government, through Businesses Wales, has dedicated services to advise and support.  Clicking the link here will allow access to the online portal which features an online Brexit Self-Assessment tool along with information on how to access funding through the Brexit resilience fund.


Alternatively, you can call the Business Wales helpline on 03000 603000


Through social media and upcoming networking events, Recycle Link Wales will keep you updated on news and discussion as policies and national strategies emerge.