Ceredigion looks to build on Welsh Recycling Success


6th November 2017

Ceredigion Council Speaks to LetsRecycle.com about their Recycling performance.


On 1st November, Letsrecycle.com reported on Wales’ top performing council for recycling in 2016/17– Ceredigion.  The article recognises that Ceredigion’s achievement came because of the use of a commingled recycling system and investment in fleet.


Speaking to letsrecycle.com Ceredigion’s deputy leader, Councillor Ray Quant, said that many councils continue to use the commingled method and “seem to be the best performing.”


Councillor Quant continued: “Councils using commingled are still holding themselves very well. But in the future, who knows, we might be pushed down because they could decide we are only going to give grants to kerbside [separate] systems.”


Councillor Quant’s statement continues to show there is still debate over the Welsh Government’s blueprint preference for councils to use separate collection systems in order to save on collect costs and increase from greater material income.

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