Lesley Griffiths announced as Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

Thursday, 13th of December 2018

New Cabinet Annouced by new the First Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford


As new First Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford has announced that as part of his new cabinet Lesley Griffiths will take the role of Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

This is a role Lesley Griffiths is familiar with having being appointed Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs in May 2016.

Outgoing Environment Minister Hannah Blythyn has been appointed to the role of Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government.

In reaction to the appointment, Lesley Griffiths went to social media and said:


"Honoured to have been appointed Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs. I look forward to continuing to work closely with partners from across the portfolio to provide support, continuity & certainty at what will be a crucial time for Wales".


Announcing his new cabinet Mark Drakeford said:

“It is an enormous privilege for me to be appointed First Minister of Wales. Every leader needs a strong team around them, and I am delighted to introduce my new cabinet which is a strong mix of experience, talent and passion.

“Brexit is our greatest challenge. In the extraordinary and regrettable circumstances created by the UK Government, it is vital that we prepare for all outcomes. I have retained Ministers in posts where their experience of Brexit preparation is key, while creating a new post to reflect the priority I attach to international relationships and trade.

“As a government we will continue to speak up for Wales, to fight our country’s corner and make sure the government in London is never in any doubt at all of what matters to the people of Wales.