Dragon Recycling to create jobs after major contract wins

Monday, 24th of May 2021

Dragon Recycling to Create New Jobs After Major Contract Wins


Source:  Insider Media Ltd


Dragon Recycling Solutions is aiming to have created 200 jobs in the Valleys by 2024 after landing two major new contracts which are set to double the turnover of the business.

With support from Tata Steel subsidiary UKSE, and a network of investors in Wales, the Rhymney-based company firm has hit its stated target of creating 110 jobs by 2021, and 25 more posts will be created by the end of this year. 

Demand is being driven by the roll-out of smart meters across the UK, as old-style utility meters are replaced in homes and commercial premises.




Mick Young, managing director of Dragon Recycling Solutions, and Martin Palmer of Tata Steel subsidiary UKSE.


Dragon has purchased and re-purposed a former training centre on Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate, but managing director Mick Young said the business has a need of space for storage as it forges ahead with the new contracts.

"We have several million items at any one time and require large storage facilities. We have invested heavily in the Tafarnaubach site, and also have a base in Rhymney, but we are still looking for more,” he said.

As well as creating local jobs, Dragon has played a role in the fight against Covid. Working with the National Grid, the business has ensured a supply of instantly-available replacement utility meters for essential services in hospitals and care homes, should problems arise.

In the last two years Dragon has expanded its services, moving into testing and refurbishing meters as well as continuing to recycle those that have reached the end of their working life. Large scale testing facilities have been installed in the Tafarnaubach complex.

Mick Young praised the network of supportive investors such as UKSE, Nat West and the Welsh Government who have worked with Dragon’s management to bring the work and jobs to the area.

 UKSE provided a £100,000 loan in 2019 as part of a £600,000 loan and grant package from Welsh Government and Development Bank of Wales.

 Martin Palmer, investment executive with UKSE, said he would continue to work with Dragon’s management to look for opportunities for ongoing investment.




Source: Insider Media Ltd