Plastic Route Map for Wales

Announcemnt from Welsh Government


24th Oct 17


The Welsh assembly has announced the steps they intend to take to create a better plastics recycling market in Wales.

Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths announced that a "Plastic Route Map" will be published by WRAP in Spring 2018 will demonstrate how Wales will move to become a more circular economy nation by generating a better market for recycled plastics materials.

As part of the statement Lesley Griffiths said: "Wales is fully signed up to the benefits of the circular economy. The £6.5m fund I announced earlier this year will develop a significant number of small-scale capital projects to assist SMEs in making the transformation towards a circular economy approach. We need to see more circular economy business models developed in Wales."

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The intention of this funding and planning is to move away from the over reliance that Wales currently has on overseas markets taking its material.

The need for such resources in Wales is welcomed. Issues surrounding this over reliance was promoted by Swansea Council through Wales online in the past few weeks. Highlighting their challenges the article quotes Swansea Council’s head of waste management, Chris Howells who stated:

"The location of the processors where Swansea sends its recycling changes on a weekly basis. This week, it is being sent to Turkey by boat but it could be somewhere different next week. While this method is not necessarily less cost effective, it creates a bigger carbon footprint and the recycled product does not get pumped back into the Welsh or UK economy"

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