New Waste Data Platform Launched

Friday, 19th of June 2020


Welsh start up launches new waste data platform


Cardiff based start-up 'Resource Efficient Data' have launched a new platform which will allow companies greater ease to navigate up to date waste data information from across the UK.


About Resource Efficient Data

The co-founders of Resource Efficient Data, Steve Hooley and James Kay, have experience in data analysis and waste management respectively and established Resource Efficient Data to work with waste management data to solve problems, inform decisions and drive improvements.

Their new platform is part of the range of services that offer to help organisations streamline their decision making in the UK marketplace.



Resource Efficient Data allows ease and interrogation of

UK waste data



New Deals with Alupro and Material Focus

Resource Efficient Data have recently agreed deals with Alupro and Material Focus to provide UK waste data flow insight for the next twelve months. The deal provides companies with access to Resource Efficient Data’s platform of UK waste data. The platform houses open source data from Waste Data Flow and allows ease of interrogation of the data including by material type, material source, local authority, region, and many others.


On signing the agreement with RED, Rick Hindley, Executive Director, Alupro stated:


“We immediately saw the benefit and ease of use of using Resource Efficient Data’s platform of UK waste data. It will help us to analyse and compare data even further, in particular, with our MetalMatters programme we run with our local authority partners. Data we have traditionally received to analyse the impact of this programme, ranges from very good to quite poor, which sometime makes analysis very difficult. This platform will certainly aid us with our programme analysis to achieve clearer results, and also to identify new local authorities who could benefit from our support”.


The attraction of the platform was outlined by Scott Butler, Executive Director, Material Focus who stated:


“We were really impressed with the possibilities of Resource Efficient Data's platform, especially to help identify the best and most innovative interventions for increasing recycling of electricals across the UK. RED’s platform will enable us to move swiftly from having a broad system overview to important details, and we're really looking forward to using the tool to help us make better evidence-based decisions going forward.”


Steve Hooley & James Kay have collaborated to bring their respective experiences in the disciplines of data analysis & waste management together for a unique offering in the marketplace. In a statement they said “We are delighted Alupro and Material Focus have found value in the Resource Efficient Data UK waste data platform. We are confident their objectives will be simplified by using our tool. It is exciting to be working together”.


More Information

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