Waste Management in Wales Event

Monday, 02nd of March 2020

Creating a Circuluar Ecomony in Wales Event


On Friday 28th February, Recycle Link Wales held its latest networking event at TATA Academy, Port Talbot in partnership with MyWasteApp.

With representatives from NRW, Welsh Government, CWIM Cymru, WRAP, Local Government, manufacturing sector organisations, universities and waste companies, nearly 100 people packed into the event to network and hear from invited guest speakers.


Beyond Recycling - Message from Welsh Government


The event was delighted to welcome and hear from the head of waste strategy in Wales, Dr Andy Rees OBE, as its main speaker.  His comments centred on Welsh Government’s current consultation "Beyond Recycling: A strategy to make the circular economy in Wales a reality " which outlines plans to shift Wales to a more circular economy. 


Reemphasising the aims of Welsh Government and the aim of the plans currently under consultation, Dr Andy Rees declared:


" Our aim is to move to a circular economy in Wales. Where waste is avoided and the things we use are kept in use as long as possible.

“This is an important part of the action needed on climate change. It also brings many new economic opportunities as part of the move to a low carbon economy. "


The presentation looked at the specific actions behind the six core themes of the consultation and details of the full presentation can be found by using this link.


Dr Andy Rees Presentation Feb 28th 2020




Dr Andy Rees from Welsh Government





Delegates at our Network Event, TATA Academy 


Presentations and Discussion


The morning event also heard from Nicola Jones of TATA Steel.  Nicola shared information of TATA Steel’s role in package recycling and of her specific role in raising recycling awareness through collaborative working with partners and school engagement.

Click Here to view Nicola’s Presentation.


Brian Mayne, visiting Lecturer from Cardiff University, enthusiastically ended the event with discussion on why the circular economy is important, its benefits to a business and case studied a host of business who have embraced circular economy initiatives.

Click Here to view Brian’s Presentation.



Discussion and Networking


Time was allocated for delegates to network in order to make new and strengthen existing business relationships.  A good sense of excitement and a feeling of productivity was generated during these sessions and positive reports were immediately received back to the event that many delegates found new opportunities to take away with them.


Delegates were also able to get interactive with presentations and discussion throughout the morning.  On one particular occasion, delegates were asked how they thought a circular economy would be best created. The wordcloud below shows their reposes.  Reuse was the most prolific response while recycle, repair, reduce, support and collaboration were other qualities strongly featured.


What do you think? Do you agree? The best way to have your say and contribute is by responding to Welsh Government's consultation here

Wordcloud shows event delegates' suggested actions on how to create a circular economy in Wales.



Our thanks go to all those who came and shared their time to participate in the event.  It is the intention to make these events free and inclusive to all. This event was made free to delegates because of our main event sponsor, TATA Steel, along with our transport sponsor, Severn Trent Green Power, who provided a shuttle bus service between the station and venue.  We sincerely thank them all for their support.


In order to continue to make these events free and inclusive, sponsorship opportunities are available.  If your business can support a future event, please feel free to get in contact with us.


Did you attend?  We want to make these events as beneficial and profitable for all attendees as possible.  To plan and improve future events, please feel free to share your feedback to: info@recyclelinkwales.co.uk


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