Webinar event with Welsh Government

Monday, 25th of November 2019

Increasing Business Recycling In Wales


On Thursday 21st November, Recycle Link Wales was delighted to facilitate "Increasing Business Recycling in Wales" webinar event with Dr Andy Rees OBE from Welsh Government and Jane Hall from MyWasteApp


The presentation focused on Welsh Government's draft legislation proposals to encourage recycling and appropriate waste disposal from non-domestic premises.


Under the new legislation requirements, The Welsh Government intends to bring forward regulations under Environment (Wales) Act 2016 that includes amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Waste (Wales) Measure 2010 (as amended) and to commence the ban on the disposal of food waste to sewer. 


To do this, the Welsh Government will require:

 - Business waste producers (including the public sector) to present their wastes separately for collection

  - Separate collection of business wastes (including public sector wastes)



 - ban specified materials to landfill

 - ban specified materials to incineration

 - ban the disposal of commercial food waste to sewer


The purpose of the webinar was to give greater details of the legislation and allow participants to interact in polls and pose questions to Welsh Government.


You can listen and view the whole webinar by clicking the link here


We would welcome all to get involved and participate in the consultation (Deadline 13th December) Click Here 







"Increasing Business Recycling in Wales" Webinar Event 21st November

Pic: Ben Maizey (Recyle Link Wales) Jane Hall (MyWasteApp) & Dr Andy Rees OBE (Welsh Government)






Welsh Government launched its "Increasing recycling in businessess" consultiuon on October 3rd.

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