Welsh Government Launch Business Waste Consultation

Monday, 23rd of September 2019


A new consultation launched by Welsh Government includes proposals for new regulations to require any non-domestic premises to separate their recyclable materials from residual, or non-recyclable, waste.


On Monday 23rd September the Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government Hannah Blythyn has announced proposals to increase recycling rates from businesses and the public sector in Wales.



Statement from Hannah Blythyn


“Wales is already leading the way in the UK when it comes to recycling but I want us to go further and make Wales the number one recycling nation in the world. The recent Eunomia Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index showed that Wales remains by some distance the country in the UK which achieves the greatest carbon saving per head from local authority recycling.

“But we can do more. We have set ourselves ambitious targets for 70% of waste to be recycled by 2025 and to achieve this we all have to play our part.

“The new proposals for regulations being published today under Part 4 of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 will help and support businesses to meet this target. I hope all those affected by these regulations that we propose to introduce will take part in the consultation and give us their views.

“Meeting our targets will also support Wales’ progress towards a circular economy, where resources are kept in use for as long as possible and products and materials are recovered and regenerated at the end of each product’s life.

“This will have multiple positive benefits for the economy, jobs and the environment, from saving costs to businesses through avoiding landfill disposals tax to generating jobs within the waste management sector. By working together I’m confident we can become the top recycling nation in the world.”






Deputy Minister for Housing & Local Government,

Hannah Blythyn, annnounces proposals to support

Welsh businesses meet recycling targets




 The legislation proposed will:

•   Require the occupiers of non-domestic premises to present certain recyclable materials for collection separately
•   Ban certain separately collected recyclable materials from incineration and landfill
•   Ban the disposal of food waste to sewer from business premises
•   Make civil sanctions available for associated criminal offences.


All can get involved with the consulations using the following link:


Click here to participate in the "Increasing Recycling by Businesses" consultation


Consultations end on 23th December 2019


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