Circular Economy Strategy Launched

Saturday, 21st of December 2019

 Beyond Recycling – Making the circular economy a reality in Wales


The Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government Hannah Blythyn has annouced the publication of a new consulation document "Beyond Recycling – Making the circular economy a reality in Wales"



Statement from Hannah Blythyn


Our aim is to build on the globally recognised achievements we have made in terms of recycling. This success has involved the participation of the whole of Wales. In undertaking the consultation, we want to build on and harness the interest and momentum in communities across Wales and work with citizens and stakeholders to shape how we make the step change to a circular economy. Delivering on our journey towards zero waste by 2050, reducing emissions and taking new economic opportunities to create a Wales where we keep resources in use for as long as possible".


"The consultation has been designed to be accessible and we are working to engage as many people as possible across Wales in this exciting discussion. We are openly inviting respondents to not only comment but also suggest, challenge and put forward alternative proposals for action. There will be a range of events, with communities, stakeholders and online and I would encourage you to raise awareness of the consultation".






Deputy Minister for Housing & Local Government,

Hannah Blythyn, pictured at Recyle Link Wales'

Network Event July 19





We are consulting on proposals that we:

  • move towards zero waste by 2050
  • scrutinise how we use resources
  • encourage the reuse, repair and remanufacture products and materials
  • maximise the economic and social opportunities of a more circular economy.


All can get involved with the consulations using the following link:


Click here to participate in the "Circular Economy Strategy" consultation


Consultations end on 3rd April 2020


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