WRAP Recycling Tracker Report 2018

The Recycling Tracker is an annual survey of UK households designed to gather evidence on consumers’ current attitudes, knowledge and behaviour in relation to recycling, both dry recyclables/packaging and food.

Findings show that in Wales 83% of households put at least one unacceptable item in their recycling collection, compared with 76% in England. The proportion of food recyclers is highest in Wales (71%) and lowest in England (25%).

Other Key findings for 2018 show:


  • Over half (54%) of UK households report disposing of one or more items in the residual bin that is actually collected for recycling in their area.

  • Over three-quarters (76%) of UK households report adding one or more items to their recycling collection that is not accepted locally.

  • The scope for improvement is highest among younger householders aged 18-34

  • The proportion of households using a separate food waste collection varies considerably across the UK nations: 25% in England, 72% in Northern Ireland and 74% in Wales

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