Supply and Delivery of Garden Bags

City & County of Swansea

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Title: Contract for Supply and Delivery of Garden Bags
Published by: City & County of Swansea

The council is seeking to enter into a contract with a suitably competent contractor for the supply and delivery of garden waste recycling receptacles. The kerbside collection receptacles shall be :-
- 155gsm white woven polypropylene uncoated fabric (or similar)
- 45cmx 45cm x 45cm
- 90 litre capacity
- 2 Heavy Duty Top Handles – 20cm free height 3cm width
- 1 No 3cm wide Heavy Duty Base Handle located at edge of receptacle.
- Printed 1 colour, 2 sides
- Compliant with all relevant British Standards
- Fitted with a 1000g non malodourous weighted bottom.

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